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Suzhou STR-Precision Powder Injection Molding co.,ltd.

The strength of the company's technology, advanced equipment, improve the quality system. Can be produced in accordance with customer drawings or with customers to develop in line with customer requirements of the three-dimensional complex shape of the MIM parts. The company can produce materials such as stainless steel, tool steel, low alloy steel and refractory alloys.

Our talent view
  • Election re-Germany

    Identifying values is the primary prerequisite for our election. We choose both qualified and talented employees.

  • Employee can

    Make people do their best, so that employees do their best to do their best. In Pepsi, who is more capable of who will be able to get more important jobs

  • Educate people

    Foot has a short, inch has a long, the company cultivate talent focus on its expertise, due to material development we according to the situation of each person, to develop personalized career planning.

  • Keep people with love

    We provide staff with a broad space for development, so that its ability to play. We create a more affectionate working environment and cultural atmosphere to retain more talent.

Our work view

We advocate "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" concept of work. Physical and mental health, enjoy the work in order to get real life fun. The development of charisma is not only the combination of individual and corporate interests, but also we can share the common ideals and values, which will be to promote the development and growth of energy. The company for each employee to provide a sound salary and welfare protection for each employee to provide a broad space for development. The development of the Pepsi invited you to join! Today you are proud of the company, tomorrow will be proud of you.

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