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Why does powder metallurgy product break?

Date:09 30,2017 Hits: Source:STR-Precision

Why the powder metallurgy products will be broken? The potential cracks are considered to have a huge impact, and often become a complex shape parts of the production, for industry participants, improve the performance of the obtained material is only slightly better to solve the problem of crack weight TheDetailed powder metallurgy products cracking causes and solutions:

1, the formation of cracks

Typically, solid forces are separated or split into two or more parts, called breaks. The fracture may be the cause of crack, crack propagation and load.

For powder metallurgy moldings, cracks can be classified as one of the following:

Intergranular interlocking interlocking;

No particles are locked each other.

The main reason for the interlocking breakage between particles is powder clogging or stretching.

The interlocking rupture may be a combination of tension or transverse shear stress or two forces.

The rupture area may be deeper than the shallow surface and may be irregular and discontinuous.

On the other hand, if the micro stress stress intensity is reached or the stress caused by the stress concentration causes the formation of cracks. Thus, when the normal force component of the transverse or horizontal powder particle crack surface is subjected to stress cracking, an external crack stress or internal stress occurs.

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