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How does the impregnation process of powder metallurgy products operate?

Date:09 30,2017 Hits: Source:STR-Precision

Powder metallurgy products formed by a variety of processes, including porous anti-wear oil products is very important. Increase the powder metallurgy products, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, extend the service life. So we should strengthen our understanding of it.

Working principle is iron-based oil bearing sintering oil leaching treatment, powder metallurgy products into the lubricating oil hole. When the axial rotation, the occurrence of dynamic friction heat; bearing temperature rise, the tank thermal expansion; from the hole out into the shaft and the sleeve automatically oil, the formation of oil film lubrication and reduce friction. This method of ordinary oil immersion and vacuum impregnation in oil and oil.

1, ordinary soaking

Clean the sintered product into the oil. The capillary force in the oil enters the pores of the product. The immersion time method, the impregnation efficiency is low, usually takes several hours, and the rate of application for oil is not high.

2, vacuum oil absorption

Clean the sintered cleaning product in a vacuum box with a sealing time of -720 mm Hg, then refuel in a vacuum box and then heat to 80 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes to half an hour. As the product of the pores in the air is withdrawn, the oil in the product may be in ten minutes.

Vacuum oil can also be placed in the air in the vacuum box, and then the preheating oil into the vacuum box, the product is covered, and then connect the atmosphere and vacuum box, the oil quickly immersed in the product hole. This method is immersion in high efficiency and fast.

3, heating oil

The sintering of the product is soaked in an hour soaking eighty to one hundred and twenty degrees of hot oil. Because the product is heated, the air in the hole expands, eliminating some of the air. After cooling, the remainder of the air shrinks and the oil is drawn into the hole. Because the oil has good fluidity, high lubricity, it may be more oil into the product.

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