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Powder injection molding is widely used in the field of mobile phones

Date:09 30,2017 Hits: Source:STR-Precision

Powder injection molding applications are now more and more widely used in mobile phone powder injection molding technology. As the market needs a lighter, thinner and more beautiful phone, the best technology is to reduce the size of mobile phones, mobile phones are seeking to use metal injection molding manufacturing mobile phone assembly.

Our first metal phone is made of aluminum, and we found that in order to meet all the requirements, metal injection molding method is the best, in many cases is the only option. But as the first material parts, metal injection molding, because the mobile phone market life is very short, rapid changes in style, and metal injection molding method production cycle is long, high cost.

There are several mobile phone parts are used metal injection molding manufacturing methods, such as: the use of tungsten manufacturing oscillator balance weight, the use of high-strength steel hinge manufacturing, metal injection molding applications is the most important mobile phone sliders, barrels and hinges. The technical advantages of metal injection molding and the method of metal injection molding can increase its application in mobile phone manufacturing, and the metal injection molding method in the mobile phone manufacturing industry lacks the influence on the application.

Now the metal injection molding method is used to create a composite phone structure and features, such as flip phone. Taking into account the time and cost of manufacturing, so that ordinary mobile phone can not be used for metal injection parts.

From this event can be seen, the application of powder injection molding more and more widely. Technology more and more skilled, with the socio-economic development, powder injection will enter a higher level.

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