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Other applications of powder metallurgy materials

Date:09 30,2017 Hits: Source:STR-Precision

First, for the manufacturing and defense industry to provide special materials. Manufacturing is the basis of sustainable development of national economy. Is the industrialization and modernization of the engine and power. Powder metallurgy products in the manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry in the use of high-strength, high-density mechanical parts, carbide, electrical contact materials, all kinds of permanent and soft magnetic materials, sintered metal filter materials.

In the defense industry, such as launch vehicles, missiles, aircraft engines, ships, nuclear industry, the use of heat-resistant corrosion, refractory metals, super-hard materials in the military electronics industry. Only through powder metallurgy technology. In modern science and technology, nanotechnology is the field of powder metallurgy emerging areas. Therefore, in the world, powder metallurgy technology has been the new technology in the field of material science to get more attention.

Second, powder metallurgy technology is the main direction of the development of mechanical parts. Including structural parts, oil bearings and sintered friction materials. Powder metallurgy parts began in 1916, the performance of copper-based powder metallurgy bearing industry. With the development of the automobile industry, the automobile manufacturing industry powder metallurgy parts.

In order to adapt to the environmental protection of automobiles, energy saving, reduce manufacturing costs and improve performance requirements, people have developed thousands of key powder metallurgy parts such as automobile engine and gearbox, such as exhaust door, connecting rod, ABS ring, Sprocket, automatic transmission unit, cam. Powder metallurgy technology has become one of the key technologies in the automobile and auto parts manufacturing industry to improve and improve the quality of new materials and develop new products, reduce production costs and enhance competitiveness. The global automotive industry is valued.

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