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What are the signs of rapid development of powder metallurgy industry?

Date:09 30,2017 Hits: Source:STR-Precision

Powder metallurgy industry, the rapid development of technology, the Chinese metallurgical industry has also put forward more requirements, the traditional metallurgical technology with high hardness, low purity, poor precision and other shortcomings, can not meet the needs of the industry, after several years of technical research, Metallurgical technology is more capable of industry needs to metal powder or metal powder and metal powder mixture as raw material, after molding and sintering, the manufacture of metal materials, composite materials and a variety of technical products.

From time to time through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and independent innovation and development combined. In recent years, China's powder metallurgy industry technology has shown a rapid development trend, so that China's general machinery industry to one of the fastest growing industry, powder metallurgy industry annual growth rate reached 35%.

Global manufacturing is accelerating the rapid development of China, the automobile industry, machinery manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace, instrumentation, hardware tools, engineering machinery, electronic appliances and high-tech industries, and bring rare development opportunities for the powder metallurgy industry As well as huge market space.

In addition, the powder metallurgy industry has been included in China's priority development projects to encourage foreign investment projects. Therefore, the development trend of the powder metallurgy industry is very broad. Traditional metallurgical exports of high yield, such as manufacturing gears, general gear forming machine, hobbing machine and some machining a large number of materials cut off, powder metallurgy can be.

At present, powder metallurgy technology is often used in the production of porous materials, such as oil lubricated bearings, oil and so on. High production efficiency, because no need to process the complex shape can be produced. For small size parts. Suitable for the production of metal-based composite materials, powder metallurgy products, compared with the traditional roasting process, not only reduces the cost of manufacturing technology, and the accuracy is also high.

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