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How does the powder metallurgy part rust?

Date:09 30,2017 Hits: Source:STR-Precision

Powder metallurgy process, including forging powder metallurgy, powder powder metallurgy, isostatic powder metallurgy, metal injection molding. In the production process, the need for easy oxidation (rust) dense material rust treatment. Dense material MJ316 rust solution to provide a good anti-rust treatment, no further treatment.

Ingredients: film-forming substances, antioxidants and so on

Features: water-based, good coating; high temperature; for different parts of a certain anti-strain ability; ferrous and non-ferrous metals, anti-rust and antioxidants.

Application areas: cast iron anti-rust treatment, iron-based powder metallurgy products, powder sintering dense materials, processing parts.

Environmental safety: environmentally friendly solution of water-soluble anti-rust solution; do not produce volatile toxic substances; please contact with the body, please use a lot of water to clean.

Note: stir or evenly oscillate before using, soaking or spraying on the metal surface, then air or dry.

Antirust life: about 18 months -30 months. Dilution with water may be suitable for use.

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